Installation, Fiber glass, 2008

Mural 3*2m
3 sculptures life size

“The bas-relief of shoulders, faces, hands is made on an armature of wire, of polyester, fiberglass, and clay. Its surfaces are colored: darkish greens, browns, reds. The depth of its relief is about the same as in one of Ghiberti’s bronze doors for the Baptistry in Firenze, and the foreshortening and distorted perspectives have been dealt with almost the same mastery. (I would never have guessed that the artist is so young. She’s twenty-nine.) The wall of the bas-relief is like “the hedge” that an audience in a theater resembles, when it’s seen from the stage.
On the floor of the stage in front are the life-size figures, two women and one man. They are made of the same materials, but with more faded colors”.